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Children and Young People's pre visit questionnaire
We will be visiting your school in the next few weeks.  Before we arrive, we would like to know what you think about the approach taken by your school to record and monitor incidents of bullying. 

We might give your school a summary of all the answers to the questionnaires but no one will know which answers are yours.  We will use your answers during the visit and may also use them when thinking about learners' views on incidents of bullying.  We will keep the answers to your questions safely for five years.  Our privacy notice, see the link below, explains in more detail how we will use the information you provide when you complete this questionnaire. 

At the end of the questionnaire you can tell us more about your answers and if there is anything you think we should know.  If we are worried about your safety, we will pass this on to someone who can help. 

The questionnaire should only take you about 5 minutes to answer.  Please look over the questions below and let us know what you think by selecting the response that most represents what you think.