National STEM Education and Training Strategy


1. Introduction
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STEM Practitioner Survey

Education Scotland and the Scottish Government would like to invite you to complete this annual STEM professional learning survey by Friday 11th January 2019.

Your response will play a crucial role in shaping the implementation of the National STEM Education and Training Strategy.  The information gathered through this annual survey will guide important decisions about programmes and the support that is required. This will help ensure that practitioners across sectors and in various geographical locations have access to high-quality professional learning that meets their needs. It will also help us track improvements in the provision of professional learning over the lifetime of the STEM Strategy (2017-2022).

Your individual response will not be shared with other organisations. However, the generic anonymised findings from the survey will be shared widely to ensure transparency and to help other STEM providers and partners align their programmes to your needs.

Please email: if you have any questions about this survey.

Who should complete this survey?
Practitioners in early learning and childcare settings, primary, ASN and secondary schools are being invited to complete this survey. Other staff in these settings, such as classroom assistants and school librarians are welcome to complete the survey too, as are practitioners who teach in curriculum areas not necessarily associated with STEM. 

Please note: a separate survey has been developed for community learning and development practitioners (Closes 7 Dec).
A survey specific to school-based technical support staff is being developed by SSERC and the Science Technicians Advisory Council and will be made available from early in 2019.