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Clyde Valley High School 
Questionnaire for parents/carers
We will be visiting your child's school in the next few weeks. We would like you to give us your views in relation to your own experiences. Your views are important to us because they will form part of the evidence we collect during inspection.

We may give your school a summary of all the results of the questionnaires we receive. We may also use the information for statistical purposes but no individual responses will be identified. Your views will remain confidential, unless they raise specific issues, for example in relation to child protection. In these circumstances, they would be shared with the school and appropriate agencies.

Your responses will be gathered using Formic's Online Forms application. We will then store your responses confidentially on secure servers for a period of five years. Your personal information will not be shared with any other third party organisation and will only be used for the purpose it was obtained. Our privacy notice, see the link below, explains in more detail how we will use the information you provide when you complete this questionnaire. 

You are invited to fill out a questionnaire for each of your children who attend this school. You can choose to fill in a single questionnaire for only one child or a questionnaire for each of your children. The questionnaire should only take you about 10 minutes to answer. Please look over the questions and let us know what you think by putting a tick in the box that most represents your view.